Wedding Photography Top Tips

April 07, 2021


Wedding Photography: How to get the best out of the photography on your special day


Top Tips

We have put together this little list of tips to help you plan your photography and get the most out of the imagery from your wedding day.



  • Before the day send your photographer a list of any specific shots you would like. You do not need to include key shots like first kiss, signing of the register or cutting the cake etc as we will be capturing these as standard. But if there is anything we wouldn’t know about, like you might want a picture with the groomsmen showing off their custom made socks etc just let us know and we will add it to the shot list.



  • Key shots: Key shots are important moments throughout the wedding that we will have on our shot list as standard for our weddings. These include shots like:


  • Guests arriving
  • Groom arriving & waiting for bride
  • Bride arriving & walking down isle
  • The ceremony
  • First kiss
  • Re-created signing of the register (photographers are not allowed to capture the actual signing for legal reasons)
  • Group shots
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First dance



  • Getting Ready: If you are having getting ready shots taken make sure you are having your hair and makeup done near or in front of a window so there is plenty of natural light on you. Take care to leave things like bags and hat boxes in a corner of the room out of the way of the photography. When putting on shoes and adjusting dresses etc take your time so the photographer can capture these from the best angles.


  • Throughout the day you may notice a camera capturing you, don’t be afraid to make eye contact and give a smile towards the camera. Take your time and be relaxed for key shots. For moments like the first kiss it never hurts to go for a second kiss after the first one as this gives the photographer the chance to capture it from another angle or get a closer up or more wide angle image for you. Just remember more moments mean more lovely photos, so don’t be afraid to play up to the camera. Take your time and have some fun, and feel free to play around and do any fun poses you want. The photographer will be offering suggestions and direction throughout the day, working with you so you can get the best out of the photography.



  • Mobile Phones: I always recommend asking your guests to limit the use of mobile phones, and not to use them to take pictures of key moments, especially the ceremony and confetti run. You can let everyone know this before the day or get the toast master or registrar to announce this to everyone at the start of the day. Mobiles can really effect the atmosphere of photographs, we want to have a crowd of smiling guests watch you walk down the isle, not a row of hands holding up phones either side of you. Your guests will be much more involved in the magical moments if they keep their phones away and after all- you have hired a professional to cover the photography side.



  • Group Shots: Usually group shots will be taken after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast depending on the wedding schedule. When the ceremony completes, we leave guests to mingle and congratulate the couple and then we start to set up for the group shots. It can be very useful to delegate someone like an usher to help gather guests together for the specific group shots. This can help locate people and save time as they know much better than the photographer who everyone is. When you send your group shot list to the photographer you can also send one to whoever you delegate to be the group shot helper so they also have a list for the day.



  • Couple Shots: Usually these are taken after the group shots and we fit this into the best place in the wedding day schedule. In the summer the golden hour starts about an hour before sunset and this can make for lovely golden light so sometimes we schedule these during the evening, or we do couple shots in the afternoon then pop out again quickly in the evening to do some sunset shots. Your photographer will work with you in advance and on the day with this. If there are any specific locations at the venue you would like couple shots add these to the photographers shot list. We usually recommend to leave at least 30 minutes of time for the couple shots.



  • Do you have any worries or concerns? Not everyone enjoys having their photo taken and some people might want to avoid certain angles. Talk to your photographer before the day about anything you are worried about. They want to make the photography side as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for you so it’s always a good idea to voice any concerns you have so the photographer can be aware on the day.



  • And now for the most important part… have fun and enjoy planning your amazing day!




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