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Juliana Diaz Baldocci. Childhood in Autumn Colours. W.30.H20cmRebecca Barnett. Roots. W.25.H35cmBabs Lee-Stillman. Lift the light and all will be bright.W.38. H.27Chris. Swans-Orchids. W.29.7. H.21cmClaire Elizabrth Hind. Remnants oif cycle of nature gone before to return once more. H29.7. W63cmDiana Nicholls. Survival. W.80. H.55. D.4cmKiran. Sun Roots. W.21. H.29.7cmRadhia Murad. Reflection. W.61. H.46.D4cmBiIndi. Untitled Tree. W.23. H.32.7cmBeck Tadman. Untitled. W.40. H.50cmJean Keohane. Under the sea. W.35. H.35. D.5cmAdam. 3D pieceSue Stevenson. Red-Purple. W.27. H.20cmHelmet. Obscure Vision & Inside the wave. W. 16.93 H.22.89cmSophie H. The Blue MountainsSophie H. GINA. 3D pieceStigy. Sun reflection on beach. W.69. H. 65. D. 1.5cmPriory Group. A.M.L. 'Brick House'Priory Group. A.M.L, L.C.M., S.F, A.C., E.C. POMPOMS._Priory Group. E.C. 'Pink pompom'