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Broadcast News. Diloram IbrahimovaWritten News. Winners- Lucy Kassa, Theodoros Kermeliotis. News Desk. Pictured recieving- Anella Safdar, Joel TaylorRadio & Podcasts. Anishka Sharma, Emma Barnaby, Ivan BeckleyPhotojournalism. Harsha VadlamaniStudent Journalist. Kimi ChaddahGaby Rado Award for New Journalist. Rosa FurneauxNations & Regions. Liam McDougall collecting on winners behalf. Mapping the impact of Covid on Scotlands Care HomesBest Use of Digital Media. Kaamil Ahmed, Joe Dyke. The GuardianInvestigation. Pictured- Will Thorne, Saer Khan. Al Jazeera Media NetworkFeatures. Patrick Strudwick. The plight of LGBT people in AfghanistanDocumentaries. Philippa Kowarsky. BBC StoryvilleOutstanding Impact. Kateryna Khinkulova. Nader  Ibrahim._Outsdanding Impact